Defective Airbag Linked to Death of California Woman

The father of a California woman who was killed by an exploding airbag in a rental car has filed a lawsuit against the airbag company and the rental business. The lawsuit says the woman rented a 2001 Honda at Sunset Car Rentals in Otay Mesa, California last August. In September she died in a crash in the Los Angeles area after the airbags “defectively deployed,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit says the airbags, made by Takata, struck her violently, causing serious injuries, including a laceration to her neck. The 2001 Honda was recalled in July 2009 but not fixed, even though the owners were sent multiple notices. The airbags are said to deploy with excessive force that is actually dangerous to motorists instead of being a safety feature. Additionally, there may be shrapnel coming out of the defective airbags upon impact.

Hers is the eighth known death due to Takata airbags that can explode with too much force.

A trial is scheduled for October 2016.

Earlier this year, Takata announced a massive recall for its faulty airbags. It’s the largest auto recall in history, affecting 34 million autos, or nearly one out of every seven cars on U.S. roads today. Takata is the fourth-largest airbag maker in the world.

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