Driver Survives Fall from Freeway Onramp

Police have arrested a hit and run driver for colliding with a yellow truck and forcing it off the freeway. The driver was seriously injured after the truck fell more than 50 feet into a nearby parking lot.

On Sunday, September 21, a Navy mechanic drove his Ford truck onto a westbound ramp to northbound Interstate 805. Witnesses say a brown 2000 Ford Excursion pulled up next to the truck and through some mishap, the two collided.

The crash forced the mechanic’s truck to break through a guardrail and fall off the ramp. The truck hit a nearby Dave & Buster’s building and came to a rest in a Mission Valley parking lot. The Excursion fled the scene.

The truck fell about 50 feet from the freeway. The driver survived the crash, but had to be rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. He is currently recovering from back surgery and is still listed in serious condition.

Only one car pulled over after witnessing the accident.  A man and his wife jumped from their car and ran to look down at the wreckage:

“I kept yelling down, ‘Are you OK? Can you hear me? Can you hear me? Finally, he took his arm and stuck it out of the window, which was a big surprise,” said one witness.

The couple reported that the SUV was swerving and driving erratically before the crash. Police later arrested a 20-year-old San Diego resident on suspicion of felony hit-and-run, a probation violation and destroying or concealing evidence.

Police have determined that the truck driver was not liable for the accident, but that is a small consolation to a man facing a serious back injury and thousands of dollars in unplanned medical bills. Police may consider the crash to be an accident, but this man’s reckless behavior still has permanent consequences for the victim.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

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[Did You Know: Every day, more than 70 people are injured in hit and run accidents nationwide.]

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