Elderly Woman Loses Leg Following Vicious Dog Attack

According to sources, the dog owners of two pit bulls who attacked a 75-year-old woman in San Diego entered a plea of not guilty on July 6.  The woman was forced to partially amputate her leg following the dog attack.

According to district attorney’s spokeswoman Tanya Sierra, 39-year-old Alba Cornelio and her 19-year-old daughter are charged with two felony counts of having a vicious animal that causes injury and six other misdemeanor code violations.  The San Diego County Department of Animal Services arrested them both on June 6.

The Cornelio women bred and sold pit bull puppies as well, according to Lt. Dan DeSousa.  The victim, Emoka Mendoza, lived next door.  The dogs escaped through a gap in the fence and attacked Mendoza as she was taking a newspaper outside to leave for her husband on a picnic table.  Mendoza had her left leg amputated below the knee and remains in the hospital, officials have not released a status on her condition.

The two dogs were later euthanized at the owner’s request, as well as 11 puppies belonging to one of the dogs.

“Reasonable owners would have their dogs well socialized with other dogs and people,” said DeSousa.  “Mrs. Mendoza paid a horrific price for the owner’s irresponsibility.”

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