Woman Injured In San Diego Dog Attack

According to 10News.com in San Diego, a woman was attacked by two dogs in her Grant Hill neighborhood on June 24. The dog attack occurred as the victim was walking her own dogs, and a pit bull and a boxer escaped from their owner’s property.

The woman sustained a minor personal injury after the two dogs nipped at her face as she was protecting her own dogs. She declined medical treatment and took one of her dogs to a veterinarian as a precaution.

Christopher Nevares and James Hernandez were driving in the area and witnessed the attack. Nevares pulled over his car and took the victim and her dogs into his car.

“From a block away we saw what seemed like a squabble of dogs and a hurt pedestrian,” Nevares told reporters.

“I hit one dog on top of the skull,” said Hernandez. “It stopped, the other one did not. It kept on the little one, at her neck.”

Animal Control and police rounded up the boxer and pit bull and brought them to the county shelter. A neighbor told 10News that the two dogs get loose often but he has never seen them get violent.

“My daughter’s right here and you know it’s scary,” said Anthony Scott. “I can’t even let her come out and play.”

The dogs will be held for a 10 day evaluation by the shelter before the owner will have the opportunity to reclaim them. It is possible that the owners could face misdemeanor charges.

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