Joshua Bonnici Rides with Blind Cyclist in CAF Triathlon

On October 19, attorney Bonnici Law Group participated in the Challenged Athlete Foundation Triathlon for disabled athletes. During the cycling leg of the event, Bonnici rode tandem with a blind friend, helping him participate in the competition even though he could not steer the bike himself.

Challenged Athlete Foundation CAF

Photo of Challenged Athlete Foundation Athletes
The Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF) sponsors competitions for disabled athletes, many of whom are missing limbs. The organization helps veterans and accident victims accomplish physical goals while fundraising for important causes.

During this year’s CAF Triathlon, Joshua Bonnici helped a blind friend finish the cycling portion by riding with him on a tandem bike. Bonnici did the steering, but it took both riders to cross the finish line.

Blind Stokers Club

Photo of Challenged Athlete Foundation Athletes
Bonnici Law Group is a long-time supporter of the Blind Stokers Club, an organization that helps blind athletes participate in cycling events. Joshua Bonnici is one of several sighted cyclists who ride tandem with blind “Stokers,” helping them experience the physical benefits of cycling and the camaraderie that comes from competing with a group.

Bike Accident Attorney in San Diego, CA

Bonnici is an experienced personal injury attorney, but he is also an avid cyclist who has ridden more than 5,000 miles through Maryland, Massachusetts and California. His law firm works hard to protect San Diego riders from distracted drivers, poor street planning and defective bike parts.

If you have been in a bicycle accident, talk to an attorney who knows the law and knows cycling. For more information on Bonnici Law Group and more local cycling news, follow our firm on Facebook.

[Did You Know: From 2012 – 2013, 80 cents of every dollar the CAF spent went to supporting athletes with physical disabilities.]

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