Hit-and-Run Suspect Apprehended Thanks to Good Samaritan

Officials were able to apprehend a woman suspected of a hit-and-run and drunken driving on July 20, according to Redding.com.  According to a witness, 27-year-old Aimee Nadine Brown rear-ended a motorcycle on south-bound Interstate 5 that was stopped at a red light.  The witness followed Brown after she fled and phoned police.

The California Highway Patrol used the information gathered from the witness report to apprehend Brown at a traffic stop just south of Cottonwood.  Brown was then later identified by the witness as the driver of the Honda Accord that read-ended Gerald Long, 68, who was stopped on his Harley-Davidson when he was hit.

Gerald was wearing a helmet at the time of the motorcycle accident and suffered minor scrapes and bruises before refusing medical attention, according to the police report.

Brown is being charged with fleeing the scene of an accident with an injury, as well as drinking and driving under the influence of the alcohol with inujury.

There may not be much motorcyclists can do about being read ended by a drunk driver at a red light, but Long should be thankful he was wearing his helmet.  A catastrophic brain injury may very well have been prevented this time.

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