Hit-and-Run Accident Leaves Bicyclist with Serious Brain Injury

Road Bike Accident

Road Bike AccidentAn Encinitas woman recently suffered a serious traumatic brain injury after being hit by a car while riding her bike. According to reports, she and her husband were on their way back from getting pizza with some friends when the accident occurred. The woman was riding behind her husband when a car came from nowhere and swerved into the lane. The woman bounced onto the hood of the car. She clung to it for a distance and then fell into the road. The driver sped away.

The car was a 1993-2000 silver or white Mercedes. Authorities are asking anyone who might have information on the accident to step forward.

What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident

There is a high risk of injury for cyclists when accidents occur. While helmets and protective gear can help minimize damage sustained in accidents, bicyclists can still suffer injuries such as road rash, broken bones and traumatic brain injury. And tragically, victims of hit-and-run bicycle accidents face an uphill battle in identifying the parties responsible and holding them accountable.

Immediately following a hit-and-run bicycle accident, your first priority should be to seek medical attention. Some injuries, like traumatic brain injury or soft tissue injuries, may not become apparent right away. Call police and report any information you and other witnesses can remember about the person who hit you. Through the investigative work of police as well as your injury lawyer, you have a greater chance of identifying the party responsible.

Even if you cannot identify the person who hit you, you may be able to seek compensation through your own uninsured motorist coverage.