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Rancho Bernardo is an upscale suburb located just north of San Diego. Resting in the beautiful hills that offer views of the canyons and mountains of Southern California, it is no wonder that Rancho Bernardo attracts thousands of residents and tourists every year. Rancho Bernardo was officially founded in 1962 and is centered around Interstate 15 south of Lake Hodges and the San Pasqual Valley.

The beautiful surroundings attract golfers, nature enthusiasts, boaters, joggers, hikers and motorcyclists. In recent years, homeowners in Rancho Bernardo have been fighting against raging wildfires. City officials are urging new homeowners to create a 100-foot buffer zone to protect against the fires.

“Now is the time to prepare for what is shaping up as a tougher-than-usual fire season,” said San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob. “The firestorms of 2003 and 2007 taught us that homes with defensible space are far more likely to survive than homes without it.”

Rancho Bernardo residents may not be able to do much to control these fires, but it would be prudent to take these precautions.

Visitors that come to Rancho Bernardo to hike and fish should also be prepared. If you are taking an expedition with a guide or renting a watercraft from a company, check out some customer reviews online if they are available and the company’s safety ratings.

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Tip of the week: If you plan to operate a watercraft, you should take an annual safety class.

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