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What are Signs I’m Starting Too Fast on Bike Climbs?

Often, the biggest mistake we make on bike climbs is a result of feeling great. Our legs are feeling fresh, and we feel invincible. This leads us to go too hard too fast. We are at the bottom of a significant climb and, because we’re too fired up, we’re hammering away at our pedals at a pace that is not sustainable.  How do you know you’re starting too fast, though? Signs You’re Starting Too Fast You’re generating more lactic acid than you can use – Your muscles are beginning to ache, burn, and cramp. This painful experience comes from lactic acid buildup in your bloodstream, and it’s caused by using up oxygen faster than you can replenish it. Your body is telling you to slow down and pace yourself. If you don’t listen, your symptoms will only get worse. You can’t speak in short phrases – When you’re on a…
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Chula Vista Bus Accident Leaves 21 Injured

ABC 10 in San Diego is reporting that an early morning bus accident involving a SUV in Chula Vista left 21 people injured, including the driver of the SUV. The accident took place on September 30 at 7:21 a.m. near the intersection of East H Street and Paseo Del Rey. The Metropolitan Transit System (MTS) bus was parked at a bus stop when a woman driving a Ford Explorer rear-ended it, according to U-T San Diego. “She was accelerating, she had just made a turn onto East H, it’s a 55 mph road, so I’m assuming she was accelerating, she was probably accelerating when she hit the bus,” said Chula Vista Police Sgt. Jim Horst. The Ford Explorer’s air bags were deployed and it sustained major front-end damage. The driver had to be taken to the hospital. MTS officials report that 35 to 40 people were aboard the bus at…
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Injured in a Chula Vista Accident? Let Our San Diego Injury Attorney Help

In San Diego County, the only city with a larger population than Chula Vista is San Diego. In fact, with a population of 243,916 as of the last census, Chula Vista is the seventh largest city in Southern California, the 14th largest city in all of California, and the 77th largest city in the United States. However, when you consider its location, it is no wonder that Chula Vista’s population ranks as high as it does. At 7.5 miles in either direction, Chula Vista is located equal distance between downtown San Diego and the Mexican border. It is a region known as South Bay and is one of the most culturally diverse and richest economic communities in the entire country. In addition, the area itself is beautiful, located in the heart of the scenery of the San Diego Bay and the coastal mountain foothills. Chula Vista’s Mediterranean climate allows its…
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