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What are the Different Types of Bicycle Accidents in San Diego?

San Diego has a reputation for being a bicycle-friendly city. We have bike lanes and other infrastructure that encourages our residents to take up cycling. Despite improvements to cycling infrastructure made under San Diego’s Bicycle Master Plan, there are still areas of the city where you or a loved one could be harmed in a bicycle accident. Our post today is not meant to scare you away from cycling. However, it could help you understand what types of accidents you could face in high-risk areas, such as intersections. The different types of bicycle accidents include: Right-hook accidents: Right-hook accidents can occur at intersections when another vehicle moving in the same direction turns right in front of you and forces a collision. This type of accident is more likely to occur when motorists do not signal before turning. You could be caught by surprise when the vehicle turns right. Nearby motorists…
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Bicycle Medical Costs Are Increasing

Cycling can have great health benefits for folks of all ages. This athletic activity has become very popular, more so among people age 45 or older. However, the increased popularity comes with rising risks. A study conducted by UC San Francisco over a 17-year period found that with the increased popularity of cycling, medical costs due to cycling accidents increased by $738 million annually last summer. The same study found that in 2014 alone, bicycle accidents cost around $24.4 billion, considering both fatal and non-fatal accidents. The study stated that rising costs were due to increased vehicle traffic, changes in vehicle designs, and increased use of bicycles for community purposes. Outside of increased financial costs, data showed an increase in hospital admissions by 120%. Emergency department visits, especially among men, were found to have the most significant increase in accident costs. Many of these accidents also involved older people ages…
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Why Should I Try a Bike-Share Program?

Bike-share programs are typically run by non-profits, so you won’t see much in terms of advertising for them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t successful, however. Here in San Diego, DecoBike has aided in reducing traffic, boosting overall public health, and reducing injury-rates. In general, bike-shares boost local economies and reduce air-pollution. Clearly, they can benefit your community. Why else should you try a bike-share program? Reasons to Try a Bike-Share Program Easy to use – Bike-share companies are transitioning to systems much like that of buses and metros. Instead of favoring those who buy annual passes, they are now offering short-term and single-ride options ($4/ride) that are easier to use. Inexpensive – Bike-share programs are becoming increasingly available in low income neighborhoods, with cheaper annual options. San Diego doesn’t offer this yet, but at $99/year, getting an annual bike pass is not only cheaper than gas money spent on commuting to…
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