Why Should I Try a Bike-Share Program?

City bikers in San FranciscoBike-share programs are typically run by non-profits, so you won’t see much in terms of advertising for them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t successful, however. Here in San Diego, DecoBike has aided in reducing traffic, boosting overall public health, and reducing injury-rates. In general, bike-shares boost local economies and reduce air-pollution. Clearly, they can benefit your community. Why else should you try a bike-share program?

Reasons to Try a Bike-Share Program

  • Easy to use – Bike-share companies are transitioning to systems much like that of buses and metros. Instead of favoring those who buy annual passes, they are now offering short-term and single-ride options ($4/ride) that are easier to use.
  • Inexpensive – Bike-share programs are becoming increasingly available in low income neighborhoods, with cheaper annual options. San Diego doesn’t offer this yet, but at $99/year, getting an annual bike pass is not only cheaper than gas money spent on commuting to work but protects against the possibility of having your bike stolen, as well.
  • Safer – In seven years of bike-share’s history across the country, there has only been one fatality. Compare that to the 700 cyclists that die on American roads each year, and you get a disparity that there being fewer bike-share cyclists doesn’t come close to accounting for. According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials, US cities with bike-share programs are safer for cyclists.

Bike-shares offer an entirely new transportation option that is easy to use, cheap, and safe all at once. Don’t let the fact that it’s somewhat under the radar make you hesitant of trying a bike-share program. Using a bike-share may not be a revolutionary or sexy solution, but that doesn’t take away from its vast benefits.

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