It’s No Treat When Accidents Happen on Halloween

Halloween injuries trick-or-treater

With costumes, head pieces, eyewear, makeup and pranks on Halloween, trick or treating can be fun. However, if an accident happens, the thrill is gone.

Halloween is coming, and data compiled by the National Safety Council shows a spike in accidents related to this spooky holiday. Studies find that about 17 percent of those accidents involve pedestrians rushing into intersections when they weren’t supposed to, and 15 percent are attributed to poor lighting or dark clothing. Always apply plenty of reflective tape to costumes so they light up in the night.

Data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that 43 percent of all motor vehicle deaths on Halloween are caused by drunk driving. In addition, 26 percent of pedestrian fatalities on Halloween involve drunken drivers.

Car accidents are common, and usually occur between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. as the sun is beginning to set, making it more difficult for drivers to see where they’re going. Children are more than twice as likely to be killed by a car while walking on Halloween night than at any other time of the year, according to the organization Safe Kids Worldwide.

Auto accidents are not the only threat to your safety on Halloween. Hazardous conditions on properties can contribute to various types of injuries.

A broken brick or a hole that needs repairing in the driveway could put other people in harm’s way. Property owners should keep their properties free of hazards, especially on Halloween.

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