Jury Determines Helmet Manufacturer Negligent in Traumatic Brain Injury

A Colorado jury awarded a traumatic brain injury (TBI) victim and his family $11.5 million in a personal injury lawsuit filed against football equipment and sporting goods manufacturer Riddell Sports, Inc., according to ESPN. Rhett Ridolfi, 22, suffered a concussion at a football practice at Trinidad High School in 2008. He was not immediately taken to the hospital and suffered severe brain damage as well as paralysis on the entire left side of his body. The lawsuit claimed that Riddell, the manufacturer of his football helmet, failed to properly warn consumers about the dangers of concussions and playing football.

Ridolfi and his family initially filed the lawsuit against some of the school’s administrators and football coaches as well as Riddell. The jury determined that Riddell was negligent in not warning players and coaches, and found the company was 27 percent responsible for Ridolfi’s injuries. Riddell was ordered to pay $3.1 million of the judgment. Ridolfi’s attorney, Frank Azar, said he plans to ask the judge to find Riddell responsible for paying the entire $11.5 million, and Riddell announced it plans to appeal the verdict.

“I think this jury has said they’re [Riddell] in very serious trouble,” Azar said. He also represents between 10 and 20 plaintiffs in a separate lawsuit filed against the NFL for similar injuries to players.

This case shows how there can be a multitude of parties negligent in traumatic brain injury. It will be interesting to see if this judgment has any bearing on the lawsuit against the NFL. If you or a loved one has sustained a TBI or any other injury as a result of another party’s negligence, contact our firm for a free consultation. You deserve a thorough investigation and assessment of your case.

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