New Smartphone Application Aimed at Helping Distracted Drivers

According to, App Junkies is releasing a Smartphone application called BamBam designed to help keep distracted drivers safe and from taking their eyes off the road.

BamBam is a 100% hands-free text response application.  This can help potentially distracted drivers from causing a car accident which is usually preventable.  The application turns the texting feature on your phone off or on as you enter or exit your vehicle.  If you receive a text message while driving, the phone will send out an automated response letting the person know that you are driving and unavailable to respond.  The application launched on May 23 and is free to the public.

The application is activated by tapping the screen or via Bluetooth, and sends either an automated message or a prewritten one to whoever sent you a text message.

BamBam was developed by college senior Isaiah King—a San Diego native—after his friend at Point Loma Nazarene University was seriously injured in a car accident.  King’s friend was one of many distracted drivers, sending out text messages on his phone while driving.

This application is perfect for potentially distracted drivers, as well as for parents of teenage drivers. Texting while driving has already been banned in 30 states, including California.

“BamBam takes the pressure off and lets people answer when they are at the time and inclination,” says King. “It’s like having voicemail for your text messages.”

BamBam is compatible with Blackberry and Android phones. King claims that it will be free for life, and can be downloaded free here.