Husband and Wife Injured in Single Car Accident

According to CBS 10 News in San Diego, a husband and wife were injured in a car accident on May 24.  Officials had not yet released the names of the husband and wife, who were said to be in their 60’s.  San Diego Police Department officials said that the couple suffered minor to serious personal injury.

The car accident occurred near the 4200 block of 52nd street in San Diego.  The couple was driving south just before 3 p.m. when the husband lost control of the couple’s Oldsmobile and smashed through a secutirty gate and into a wall at a relatively high speed.

According to SDPD Officer Frank Cali, the husband “attempted to step on the brake” before losing control of his vehicle.  The driver complains that the vehicle would not stop and investigators are looking into a possible mechanical failure as a cause of the car accident.

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