One Person Injured In Hit-And-Run Crash in Midway District

A violent hit-and-run crash in the Midway District sent one person to the hospital with serious injuries, according to CBS 8 News in San Diego. On July 31, just after 8:30 p.m., witnesses reported seeing a speeding SUV run a red light and slam into another car at the intersection of East Drive and Sports Arena Boulevard.

“He was going so fast. Hit the car. The car spun multiple times. It was such a gnarly hit. It’s kind of like the kind you see on TV that everyone’s like, ‘whoa. I’ve never seen anything like it,’” said witness Julie Lind.

Police are still searching for the SUV, which fled the scene after the accident. It is described as a large, white Suburban with front end damage. At least one of the two people inside the car that was hit was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. An update on his or her condition was not available at the time of this report.

This incident serves as a stark reminder that no matter how responsible of a driver you are, sometimes it is not enough to prevent you from being the victim of a car accident. All it takes is the irresponsible actions of one driver to turn your whole world upside down by injuring or even taking the life of you or someone you love.

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Did you know?: About 11 percent of crashes nationwide involve a hit-and-run driver, according to AAA.

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