Pit Bull Attack Injures 85 Year-Old Woman

On Friday, January 21, a pit bull attacked Barbara Plunk, an 85 year-old woman from Moreno Valley, according to the Press-Enterprise. Plunk received treatment and underwent surgeries for injuries sustained to her arm and torso at a nearby hospital.

There were no witnesses to the dog attack, and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department did not release any details.

Plunk was on the phone with her daughter at the time of the attack.  Her daughter called the police, fearing her mother had suffered a stroke because she sounded “unintelligible” on the phone.  Animal control quarantined the canine responsible for the dog attack.

Investigators and crime scene investigators had roped off Dow Street with crime scene tape and were examining evidence on Friday night.  Dow Street is an unpaved rural road with no streetlights.  According to neighbors, the zoning on the land is for horses.

Plunk is an avid gardener who owns a bulldog, according to neighbor Ruth Cora.  Police confiscated Cora’s dog, a Labrador mix, although it was not responsible for the dog bite.