Proposed Legislation Will Limit Truck Weight

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) has proposed the Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act of 2013—legislation that will impose federal weight limits on commercial trucks to state highway systems. Currently, federal regulations set an 80,000-weight limit on trucks traveling on interstates, but individual states can choose to set their own limit—or none—on their road systems. Maine, for example, allows trucks weighing up to 100,000.

“Truck crash victims and survivors and the safety community laud Senator Lautenberg’s steadfast leadership to protect motorists and trucks drivers on our highways,” said former NHTSA Administrator Joan Claybrook. “The Senator’s introduction of the Safe Highways and Infrastructure Preservation Act, which will freeze current truck size and weight limits, will lead toward saving countless lives and preventing lifelong debilitation injuries for many. Senator Lautenberg continues to ‘fight the good fight’ to improve our nation’s truck safety policies, and the American public will be spared from paying with their lives and their wallets because of his efforts.”

Do you think states should be able to set their own limits, or should the federal interstate regulations apply to all roads?

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Tip of the week: There are approximately 44,000 miles of roadway in the Interstate Highway System (IHS) that cross state borders and 220,000 miles of National Highway System (NHS) roads—which are regulated by individual states.

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