San Diego Personal Injury Attorney Warns of Dog Attacks

Dogs are known as man’s best friend and are the most popular pet for American families. They make great companions, but owning a canine comes with a lot of responsibility, and sometimes even liability. After a string of vicious dog attacks in San Diego in 2012, residents have expressed concerns. People who have neighbors that have a large or aggressive breed of dog are particularly on edge.

California Civil Code section 3342 states that pet owners are responsible for their dogs. In almost every case the pet owner is responsible, especially if the dog escapes from the home and bites someone. The law requires owners to be in complete control of dogs at all times.

As a neighbor, if you are concerned for your families’ safety, you may want to exercise caution and accompany your children outside.

If you own a dog, particularly a large or aggressive bread, ensure that your doors and fences are secure and your dog cannot escape. Keep an eye out for neighborhood children—if you are uncomfortable with strangers approaching your dog, express this to people right away.

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