San Diego Wrongful Death Attorney Weighs In On Fatal Pedestrian Accident

A nanny taking a 13-month-old child for a walk in a stroller was killed after she was struck by an SUV on February 1, according to CBS News. The accident occurred just before noon in San Diego’s Black Mountain Ranch neighborhood. The victim, 41-year-old Monserrat Mendez, was crossing inside a crosswalk at an intersection when a Toyota 4Runner hit her and the child in the stroller, according to San Diego police Officer Frank Cali.

Mendez was thrown across the road following the collision, and the stroller became pinned under the SUV. The child was rushed to the hospital and remains in critical condition. Mendez was also rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. The driver of the SUV has not yet been cited or charged, pending the results of the investigation.

There are some unanswered questions here that can hopefully be cleared up by investigators. One would think that a driver in a residential area would have plenty of time to see Mendez and the stroller in the middle of the day and stop in time. Was this possibly an instance of distracted driving?

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