Small Dogs Bite Too

When people think of dog attacks and dog bites, they usually associate them with larger and stronger breeds, such as pit bulls, mastiffs, rottweilers and German shepherds. While statistically it is true that most bites come from pit bulls and variations of the breed, experts say that people should also be cautious of smaller dogs, which can be just as aggressive.

NBC News near Rochester, New York looked into the issue of smaller breeds and aggressiveness. Parents and people in general are not as concerned with smaller breeds of dogs and may not have their guard up around them like they would with larger breeds. NBC News 10 reported on a smaller dog that attacked a young child.

“We were walking down the street because we were doing jump rope for the heart for my 8-year-old,” said Samantha Bohrer, the mother of a 4-year old attacked by the small dog. “Her scream, it wasn’t an average cry.”

The dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, bit the young girl on the leg and hung on until Bohrer was able to pull it off. More than a year later the girl still has scars.

According to NBC, 13 percent of dog bites are from Labradors, 17 percent are from small dogs, 17 percent are from German shepherds and 28 percent are from pit bulls. Please visit our website for more information on dog bites and contact our firm for a free consultation if you have been injured.

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