Man Severely Injured After Truck Collision

Four people were injured in a truck accident in San Diego on November 3, according to NBC News. A tanker truck collided with multiple vehicles on Interstate 15 in Escondido. According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, traffic on the interstate began to slow down due to a backed-up off ramp. The truck driver—identified as a 47-year-old Escondido resident—reported seeing the traffic slow but was unable to stop the truck in time.

The driver applied the brakes but was not able to avoid collision. The truck rear-ended a Chevrolet Malibu, which became wedged beneath the tanker truck. The truck proceeded to strike two more vehicles before coming to a rest. The sedan caught on fire, and the Escondido Fire Department had to extinguish the flames before pulling the driver out of the car. He was transported to the University of California-San Diego Medical Center with very serious injuries.

A thorough investigation of this accident is necessary to determine if the trucks’ brakes malfunctioned or if this was simply caused by driver error. It is suspicious that the driver did not notice the backed-up traffic in time to come to a stop. Was this possibly a case of distracted driving? Please visit our website for more information and contact our firm for a free consultation.

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2 Responses to Man Severely Injured After Truck Collision

  1. This shows how dangerous truck accidents can be. Since a tractor-trailer with a full load can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, trucks carry a lot of momentum that can cause a chain reaction of car accidents. In 2008, there were 90,000 people injured in accidents involving large trucks, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As you suggest, many parties could share responsibility for this accident. The driver and the employer or trainer could be liable if distracted driving caused the wreck, but faulty brakes could make the manufacturer of a possibly defective component or the company that installed faulty brakes responsible.

  2. The investigation should determine whether excessive speed, faulty brakes or distracted driving caused this accident. The Escondido Fire Department should be applauded for the successful rescue of the man in the sedan. These victims are entitled to compensation if it turns out the driver or trucking company was negligent.