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What is the Cause Behind Amusement Park Accidents?

A recent string of amusement park accidents has been in the news this summer. Three young people fell from a Ferris Wheel in Tennessee. All three have been rushed to the emergency room, and the doctors are treating one for traumatic brain injury. The rides were closed at the amusement park until a thorough inspection could be conducted. The accident comes on the heels of several other amusement park injuries, including a ten-year-old boy who was killed in a water park accident. Surely, there must be more we can do to prevent tragedies like these. A study by the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio reports that there are thousands of amusement park injuries every year. This suggests that the rides may be more dangerous than many parents would suspect. Common Causes of Amusement Park Accidents Here are the leading contributors to theme park ride accidents. Mechanical Issues. In these…
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Can Bicycle Accidents Cause Brain Injury?

After the recent alleged suicide of BMX star Dave Mirra, many began immediately theorizing as to why such a thing could happen. Once the usual suspects had been exhausted, family, friends, and fans began to wonder if maybe all of those head injuries from his BMX career did a little more damage than previously believed. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, better known as CTE, occurs when someone sustains multiple head injuries over a long period of time. These repeated blows to the head can eventually cause symptoms such as depression, progressive dementia, and problems with impulse control. Obviously, that’s a recipe for tragedy. Athletes and physicians all over the world are gradually becoming more aware of the potential long-term damage that full contact sports, like football and hockey can cause. Scientists are adamant that a change is needed in the sports industry, otherwise hundreds of men and women could suffer from CTE….
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Skateboarder Dies after Near-Miss with Vehicle

A skateboarder in Southern California died from head injuries sustained in an accident, according to UT-San Diego. The 14-year-old skateboarder was riding downhill on Nacion Avenue in Chula Vista near Tamayo Drive when he swerved to avoid an oncoming car and fell to the pavement, according to Chula Vista Police Lt. Scott Arsenault. According to witnesses, the boy was rounding a curve downhill and did not see the car in time. He swerved right, running into the curb, and landed on the pavement. It was dark and he was not wearing a helmet. The driver of the car, a BMW, reportedly only “clipped” the skateboarder. A nurse who witnessed the accident began performing CPR on the teen before he was taken to the University of California-San Diego Medical Center, where he died from his brain injury. “It was dark and the BMW driver didn’t see the skateboarder,” said Arsenault. “She…
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