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Tesla Autopilot Crashes Continue to Pile Up

Autopilot is a semi-autonomous feature that comes with Tesla’s new vehicles. This feature can help motorists change lanes, maintain a following distance, apply the brakes and perform other maneuvers. However, Autopilot has been involved in several recent crashes, several of which occurred in California. In late March, an Apple engineer was killed when his Tesla Model X crashed into a highway median on Highway 101. Tesla announced that Autopilot was engaged before the crash. According to the deceased man’s family, he complained that Autopilot kept trying to steer him into the median in the weeks before the crash. Other Tesla owners showed their vehicles swerving near the same spot where the crash occurred. Another recent Tesla accident occurred in Culver City, California earlier this year. In this case, a Tesla Model S on Autopilot crashed into the back of a fire truck. Last month in Utah, another Tesla Model S…
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