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Is Reckless Driving to Blame for this Fatal Bicycle Accident?

The Santa Cruz police are looking for any reports of reckless driving leading up to the car accident that killed a local cyclist. The accident happened on Wednesday, October 25.  A young man in a 2006 Audi A4 reportedly hit the cyclist from behind. The man was thrown from his bike and killed on the scene. While the police are stressing that the accident was not a hit-and-run, they are considering the possibility that reckless driving may be to blame. Police are now asking the community to step forward if they witnessed any other reckless activity leading up to the bicycle crash. What Exactly is Reckless Driving? Reckless driving is a serious crime that involves a driver who acts in a way that shows a clear disregard for the rules of the road and the safety of others. While there is no single activity that necessarily constitutes this crime, courts…
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