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When Should I Apply Heat to a Cycling Injury?

Most people put ice on an injury immediately after suffering it. This isn’t always the best option, however. Sometimes, taking the opposite route and applying heat is better for alleviating your pain. Heat is generally best for older injuries of six weeks or longer. Here are the specific times you should apply heat to a cycling injury and why it helps. When to Apply Heat to a Cycling Injury Chronic soreness – Pain that lingers, such as lower back pain, generally accompanies continually tense muscles. Warm showers or heat pads helps to relax these tight muscles, helping blood to flow more freely through the affected area. Increased blood flow delivers more nutrients, the most important for treating cycling-induced injuries being oxygen. Arthritis – If you know your pain is likely due to your already diagnosed arthritis flaring up, wrapping the sore area with a hot towel after your bike ride…
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New Footage From North County Bus Accident Reveals Driver Negligence

Recently released images and footage from the August 4 collision between three cyclists and a North County Transit bus reveal clear absentminded negligence on the part of the bus driver. Initially, it was reported that the bus driver saw the cyclists on the road ahead, swerved into oncoming traffic to avoid them, then swerved again to avoid oncoming traffic and hit the cyclists with the side of the bus. Each North County Transit bus is equipped with six cameras, one of which records the driver and the road ahead from the driver’s perspective. One of the victim’s attorneys reassessed the accident and found a different story. “The bus impacted the rear end of all the bicycles it was a frontal impact…This was a clear sunny day on a straight road with clear visibility,” the attorney said. The videos are time stamped. At the time of the accident, 12:49:41, there was…
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Dudek Law Firm, APC Resolves Case For Fatal Accident Victim’s Family

Attorney Frederick Dudek recently resolved a lawsuit in which he represented the family of a victim killed in a motor scooter accident. The victim was a dentist who was struck by a van owned by VPSI, Inc., operating under the name “vRide” sometimes. VPSI refers to itself as the largest provider of van fleets in the country. The Dudek Law Firm, APC was able to secure a generous settlement for the victim’s family. “We were happy to resolve this difficult case against a driver and such a large, out-of-state company like VPSI, Inc.,” said Dudek. “This allows the family to make significant changes in their lives.” The victim was a dentist and his entire family relied on his income. Scooter operators are particularly vulnerable when riding on the street, where motorists are passing by often using less caution than they should. With recent trends showing that traffic is congested in…
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