The Link between Substance Abuse and TBI

A recent study from The Ohio State University Medical Center reveals that victims of a traumatic brain injury often had substance abuse problems prior to injury. The study indicates that adolescents and adults treated for a TBI are heavier drinkers than those who do not suffer a TBI. Some of the other studies indicated that the 2-5 years after a person suffers a TBI, the drinking becomes worse.

According to the medical journal, between 10 and 20 percent of persons with a traumatic brain injury and a substance abuse problem developed the substance abuse problem only after suffering the TBI. Approximately 20 percent of persons hospitalized for a TBI and 30 percent of those requiring rehabilitation were intoxicated at the time of their injury.

“Substance abuse is a risk factor for having a traumatic brain injury and having a traumatic brain injury is a risk factor for developing a substance abuse problem,” said John Corrigan of the TBI Model Systems National Database.

Substance abuse is just one of the many hardships victims of TBIs have to face. It is nearly impossible to estimate the care and resources a TBI victim will need for the rest of his or her life, including counseling.

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