How Long Are Those White Dashes on the Highway? Slow Down!

A recent study indicates that many drivers greatly underestimate how long white dashed lines in between lanes on the interstate actually are. Study leader Doug Shaffer and his colleagues at The Ohio State University conducted three experiments with over 400 college students, according to

When researchers asked the participants to guess how long the lines were, they answered 2 feet. The actual length of the lines is 10 feet, which is a federal guideline, and the underestimation indicates the participants are driving too fast. The lines are placed 30 feet apart and used to separate traffic lanes or indicate passing is legal around a center line.

“We were surprised, first, that people’s estimate were so far off, and second, that there was so little variability,” Shaffer said.

Since the lines are 10 feet long and 30 feet apart, each time you pass one your car has traveled 40 feet. Surprised? That means you might need to slow down to reduce your risk of a car accident.

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