US Commerce Secretary Investigated for Possible Hit-and-Run

US Commerce Secretary John Bryson was treated in a Los Angeles County hospital following a car accident after he suffered a seizure, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Bryson, 68, allegedly drove his vehicle into two other cars in separate accidents. Bryson was released from the hospital after spending the night under observation for the seizure; police are investigating him for a hit and run.

According to reports, Bryson rear-ended a car that was waiting at a red light in San Gabriel on June 9. Occupants in the vehicle that he struck said Bryson “appeared disoriented,” and then struck the vehicle again as he left the scene. Bryson then allegedly struck another vehicle five minutes later. Bryson was discovered unconscious behind the wheel of his vehicle. Until an investigation is complete, it is difficult to say whether Bryson had criminal intent when he left the scene of the first accident. The media has speculated that Bryson may suffer from epilepsy.

“It’s possible he could have been appearing somewhat normal and still be a little bit confused,” Dr. Cynthia Harden, director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center at the Crushing Neuroscience Institute in New York told “He could have been confused between seizures, and maybe the people he talked to really didn’t pick up on it. Of course, this is all speculation, but they need to talk to those people and see exactly what they said. It’s all about focusing on the details.”

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