Why Does Biking to Work Seem So Difficult?

Environmentally conscious bikers in traffic in San Francisco, California. Motion blur on the subjects - faces unrecognizable.Biking to work comes with a variety of benefits. Not only is bicycling to work good for the environment, but it’s drastically cheaper and great for the rider’s physical and mental health.

However, despite these and other invaluable benefits, less than one percent of Americans ride a bike to work every day. The reason such a low percentage of workers commute by bicycle is simply that most see bicycling as inconvenient compared to the car. There are a few of obstacles that would-be cyclist commuters believe to be prohibitive.

Three Most Common Problems with Biking to Work

  • Change-Up – Many people immediately write off bicycling to work the second they picture themselves looking slightly ridiculous while pedaling down the street in their suits and skirts. The solution is simple, and comes with a ton of bonus benefits; store clothes at work.

Try leaving a few days’ worth of business attire at work. You can either take the car to work one day of the week to drop-off/pick-up things or find nearby cleaners and have clothes cleaned there.

Bonus benefits include lighter loads while cycling, more closet space at home, and a change of clothes for spills at work.

  • Clean-Up – While access to a shower at work is the dream, it is exceedingly rare. However, sweating on a ride is usually avoidable. Riding at a less arduous pace will typically prevent sweating.

You may be inclined to think that riding easier would negate much of the health benefit, but it does not. Exercising does not have to be strenuous or intense to make a difference in a person’s health.

In the event of small sweat patches, keep baby wipes at work for a quick clean.

  • Lock-Up – Security is arguably the most common issue people bring up. Like the shower, the dream of cyclists is to work in a place that has a dedicated storage space for bicycles, but that is not the norm. Fortunately, many workplaces allow riders to bring bikes inside the building even If there is no dedicated space.

If that is not the case, speak to your employer about the health and environmental benefits. Suggest the use of a closet or place out of the way where you and other like-minded employees can safely store the bikes. If all else fails, make sure your bike’s serial number is registered with local police and use a high-quality lock.

Cycling is far less costly, environmentally friendly, healthy, and is just super fun. Don’t be discouraged from riding your bike to work because of a few hurdles.

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