Woman Awarded $2.2 Million For Dog Bite Injury

A woman was awarded a judgment in Washington after a jury found Pierce County to be partly responsible for injuries she suffered in a dog attack, according to UPI.com.

The woman and her family were awarded $2.2 million dollars in damages for the attack, which occurred four years ago.  A neighbor’s pit bull entered her house through an open patio door and Sue Gorman.  According to the News Tribune in Tacoma, the jury determined that the dog owners were 52% responsible for the attack, Pierce County was 42% responsible and Gorman was 1% responsible.

Gorman suffered the injuries while trying to pull the pit bull off her two Jack Russell terriers in her home.  The jury determined that the county should have taken action on the more than two dozen complaints from neighbors about the vicious nature of the dog.

This goes to show that officials need to take complaints about aggressive dogs very seriously.  It is their responsibility to enforce laws and protect citizens from this type of attack.  This will hopefully serve as a wake-up call to law enforcement and animal control across the country.

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