Woman Sues Steve Aoki After Breaking Neck At Concert

Professional musician Steve Aoki is facing a lawsuit after a concertgoer was severely injured at a music festival in San Diego. According to the lawsuit, the concertgoer injured her neck and ankle when Aoki jumped into the crowd riding an inflatable pool raft. Friends of the woman who attended the festival remember seeing the raft land directly on top of her, trapping her underneath.

After being knocked unconscious for several minutes, the woman was later transported to a hospital by emergency personnel, where she would stay for the next three days. Doctors later told the 27-year-old woman that the accident almost paralyzed her.

Steve Aoki is widely known for colorful and energetic concerts where stage diving, cake throwing and champagne spraying are commonplace. An attorney representing the injured woman was quick to point out that this is not the first time concertgoers have been injured at an Aoki concert. Aoki recently concluded a music festival in downtown L.A., where eight people allegedly suffered minor injuries.

The lawsuit was filed in 2013, naming Aoki and the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel as defendants.

Can Concert Venues Face Lawsuits When People Are Injured?

Can hotels and concert venues face lawsuits when concertgoers are injured? Businesses have a duty to care for the safety of customers. When businesses fail to care for customer safety, they may face lawsuits.

In the case of the 27-year-old woman who broke her neck, her hospital stay lasted three days, and it is likely she had extensive follow up care to recover from her injuries. Medical bills are one of several factors that would be taken into account by a jury deliberating on an amount for damages. Some individuals with catastrophic injuries may have lost income from being unable to work, which a jury would also consider.

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