Will There Ever Be A Cure For Spinal Cord Injuries?

Modern medicine may be close to finding ways to help individuals with spinal cord injuries regain what has been lost. By using new technology, doctors and researchers can help individuals with paralysis regain some independence.

Scientists are claiming that The Big Idea, an epidural stimulator, can help people with spinal cord injuries regain some movement of the legs and other body functions. Epidural simulators, typically used to treat pain conditions, are implanted devices that send electrical signals to the spinal cord.

To treat paralysis, epidural simulators help reprogram nerve cells damaged during a spinal cord injury. Some organizations have jumped at the opportunity to fundraise for this innovative new idea.

How Do Epidural Stimulators Heal Spinal Cord Injuries?

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, a large non-profit that advocates for individuals with spinal cord injuries, has been a very strong supporter and fundraiser for the new device. According to the Christopher Reeve Foundation, epidural stimulators like “The Big Idea” can allow paralyzed people to move legs and bear weight. In addition to movement, researchers claim vast improvements in other bodily functions.

Researchers will use 36 paralyzed participants to test The Big Idea, not only for movement function, but to find out if participants become more independent in their daily lives. Many people with spinal cord injuries have frequent hospital visits, daily medications and other stressors that affect their lives. The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation believe The Big Idea will have a positive impact in treating daily complications associated with paralysis.

One researcher with the National Institute of Health recently claimed spinal cord injuries might no longer mean a life sentence of paralysis. Exciting new technologies might soon become more widespread, allowing for individuals with catastrophic injuries to resume the lives they had before their accident.

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