Adult Bicycling Deaths Far Outnumber Children’s

City bikers in San FranciscoThe CDC recently released statistics showing a dramatic difference in fatal bike accident statistics between adults and children. A CDC report says that adults between the ages of 35 and 54 have the highest mortality rates, with the next highest being aged 55 and up. Adult men are shown to be particularly vulnerable. The report claims that 87 percent of bicycle fatalities in 2012 were men. The fatality rate for men is six times women’s.

Why are Adult Bicycle Accidents Increasing?

This increased risk of accidents is due to the gargantuan shift in bicycle usage. Used to be, back in the 70’s, children and young adults carried the higher mortality rate, but over time, riding a bike became less and less popular among younger people. While that number became smaller, the amount of adults that use their bikes has gone up exponentially. Bicycles have become more popular among adults for running errands, exercise, and just generally getting around due to their lower cost, environmental benefits and health benefits. The CDC estimated a whopping 61 percent increase in recent years of adults who commute to work by bicycle, with most of those commuters being men.

Most fatal bicycle accidents involve a brain injury; around 70 percent of those that were killed were not wearing a helmet. This is why wearing a helmet at any age extremely important. Other solutions offered in the CDC report are more bike lanes and speed bumps in popular biking communities, stricter laws regarding helmets, dedicated “safe routes” to schools, and more reflective clothing for increased visibility to drivers.

Most accidents that result in the death of a cyclist happen during the summer months, July through September. They usually occur in urban areas between the hours of 4pm and 8pm. The best way to stay safe is to just keep your eyes open and always wear a helmet.

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