The Importance of Preserving Evidence After a Car Crash

Photo of a shattered windshieldA lot of times, cyclists involved in an accident will be understandably flustered and confused as to what they should do next. The first moments after the accident are the most important. The number one priority after a bicycle accident is your health. Even if you feel fine, there is always a possibility you were injured and just haven’t realized it. If possible however, you should spend a few moments investigating the scene and preserving evidence. If it is not possible to do it right then, try to return to the scene soon after, or hire a lawyer who can investigate for you. Preventing things from being lost or even repaired are crucial for a bicycle injury case. Here are some things do (or not do) after the accident to help your personal injury case.

  • Take photos – Use your cell phone to take pictures of everything. Take as many as you can from all angles. Take pictures of your bicycle, your injuries, the car that hit you, your equipment, the scene of the accident, license plates, insurance information, the road etc. Capture a sense of traffic conditions and the weather.
  • Talk to witnesses – Witness testimony can go a long way. Try to talk to people around you that saw the accident. Ask them for contact information so that your lawyer may contact them later. This must all be done soon, however, as witnesses may forget or become less reliable the more time has passed.
  • Do not repair anything – It is extremely tempting to take your bike and equipment to be fixed or cleaned, but you have to fight the urge. Damage to the bike should be preserved so that you can prove that the damage happened and that it was a bad as you say it was.
  • Talk to the police – When police arrive, cooperate fully. Make sure the officer creates an accurate report. Don’t make any speculations, and never admit any fault or apologize.
  • Talk to an attorney – Talk to an attorney soon. The sooner the better as an attorney can begin his or her own investigation to find things that may have otherwise been missed.

The moments just after the accident are the most vital to any personal injury claim. Keep a clear head and preserve as much evidence as possible to help your case. A lawyer can help you take the next steps.

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