How Does Car Insurance Work for Cyclists?

San Diego bicycle accident attorneyMost people would probably be surprised to learn that car insurance can cover more than just automobile accidents and injuries; it can cover bicyclists as well. Depending on which side of the collision you were on, driver or pedestrian/cyclist, car insurance may be able to cover you for any liability or injuries. If you ride a bicycle often or drive in an area where a lot of people ride bikes, then it would be to your benefit to take a gander at some of these hypotheticals.

If you are a cyclist and are hit by a car, your own car insurance may be able to provide coverage for you regardless of who was responsible for the collision. Any car insurance policies that include coverage for personal injury will pay for the medical bill of a person hit by a car while on their bike.

If you were not at fault as the cyclist, then you can seek compensation from the driver that hit you. Their liability insurance should cover any damages to your bicycle and pay for your medical bills for injuries sustained in the accident.

If you are driving a car and hit someone on a bicycle, then, as stated before, your liability insurance will pay for their medical bills and bike repairs, assuming you were at fault. If you were not at fault for the accident, your car insurance will reject the claim from the cyclist and they will be unable to pursue for damages.

Some things that aren’t covered by car insurance as a cyclist are stolen bikes. The car insurance companies will not compensate a policy holder for bicycles. They will also deny any claims regarding injuries sustained on a bicycle that don’t involve being hit by or hitting a car. If you are injured in a bicycle accident that doesn’t involve a car, the insurance company will not cover your medical bills.

Stay safe out there, whether you are biking or driving. If you have further questions about what to do after being hit, give us a call.

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