Bike Across the Bay? SANDAG Considers Building Cycling Path on Coronado Bridge

San Diego considering bike tunnel to CoronadoAs it currently stands, there is only one day per year that cyclists are allowed to bike the Coronado Bay Bridge. There are a couple days where pedestrians are allowed to walk it. But all of that might change soon, thanks to a plan in its very early stages.

SANDAG is considering constructing a tunnel on the bridge that would span all the way from San Diego to Coronado, perhaps attached to the side of the bridge or maybe underneath it. This tunnel would allow pedestrians and cyclists to bike across the San Diego bay. At the midpoint of this tunnel, there would be an observation platform, allowing pedestrians and cyclists an unparalleled view of the bay and coast.

Cyclists interviewed about the proposal spoke fondly of it, noting that it could alleviate traffic by letting navy base employees cycle to work and Coronado natives cycle to San Diego. Not only would it alleviate some traffic, it would also cut down on pollution from vehicles and reduce the potential for accidents.

Some of those involved in the proposal expressed concerns. The first was whether the bridge, several decades old, could handle the extra load from the tunnel. After it was determined that it could, the cost became a problem – $270 million. However, many are in support of placing a $1 toll on the bridge, a move that could pay for the tunnel within four or five years.

What do you think? Do you want to bike the Bay?