Be Wary of Nearby Traffic While Cycling – Del Mar Man Cut Off by Car

Road Bike AccidentOne common type of cycling accident occurs when a vehicle cuts off a cyclist. It is very difficult to respond to a sudden hazard in a cyclist’s path, and all too often, these accidents do not end well for the cyclist. On April 9, a 60-year-old man in Del Mar was cycling along the beach when a driver suddenly swerved in front of him, looking for beach parking. When she did so, she violated the cyclist’s right-of-way. He crashed into the back of the vehicle, the force shattering the vehicle’s back windshield.

The cyclist was taken to La Jolla Medical Center for evaluation and to treat the cuts to his left leg and arm.

Cut Off Accidents – Best Practices to Keep Yourself Safe

While proposals like dedicated bike lanes can help reduce the rates of cut-off accidents, there are several things that cyclists can do to minimize their chances of being involved in an accident.

  • Stay alert to any vehicles nearby. Use a mirror and check your mirror as you approach any intersections or turns.
  • Keep your brakes in good condition in case you need to stop suddenly. Always wear protective gear.
  • Never pass a car on the right at intersections or turns without first making your presence known. Slow down to match the car’s pace and make sure that the driver is aware of your presence before passing.
  • Most vehicles cannot make a sharp turn without slowing down. Given how common it is for people to forget to signal, you should instead use the vehicle’s slowing down as a gauge of its potential to turn.