Dangers on San Diego Sidewalks Lead to Injuries

dangers of cycling on sidewalks for pedestrians and cyclists san diegoShould the city be doing more to protect cyclists and pedestrians from dangerous sidewalks?

Recently, the San Diego City Council approved a settlement for nearly $5 million for a cyclist who suffered catastrophic injuries after launching off a tree damaged sidewalk (we wrote about that incident here). After that incident, some said that the owner of the property should have fixed the sidewalk before that happened. Many homeowners in San Diego are irked by the perception that they share the responsibility for these public walkways. One city councilmember, David Alvarez, says that San Diego should be 100 percent responsible for this maintenance and upkeep.

Metal Sign Stands Endanger Pedestrians and Cyclists

Tree damage is not the only problem with sidewalks seen frequently in our city. Metal sign stands are a big issue. When a street sign is removed from the sidewalk, the metal base often remains, and the metal edges of these stands can be sharp. People all over the city – parents, college students, hardcore cyclists and store owners – have been complaining about injuries and property damage suffered as a result of these leftover sign stands.

Councilmember Alvarez last month proposed that the city revise its Sidewalk Maintenance policy.

Have you noticed any leftover metal sign stands on your regular cycling path? The City of San Diego has received inquiries with photos attached of these questionable sidewalk remnants, but as of the time of this posting has not responded. If you see any damaged sidewalks or metal sign remnants that could pose a hazard, do your part; take a photo and send it to the city. Maybe community engagement is what is needed to fix these dangerous paths.