California Highway Patrol Educates Teen Drivers

The California Highway Patrol is offering a driver education class for teen drivers and their parents. Start Smart is targeting new and soon-to-be drivers ages 15 to 19. The most recent class was on March 6 at the Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital.

The class features testimonies from CHP officers who have responded to fatal accidents involving teenagers as well as a Red Asphalt video to warn teens about the dangers and responsibilities that come with driving. The class teaches car accident avoidance tips as well.

“The tragic loss of young lives is a concern to us, and this valuable program will improve the confidence and safety awareness of new drivers,” said CHP Captain Jeff Sgobba.

Approximately 66% of fatal accidents in California involve teenage drivers. California has the second highest fatality rate for drivers age 15 to 20. Teenagers are involved in twice as many accidents as adult drivers, despite driving only half as many miles on average.

To sign up for this class please call (805) 967-1234.

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