California Woman Seriously Injured In Pedestrian Accident

A California pedestrian was seriously injured on the morning of October 4 after a car hit her, according to  Dawn Davenport, 35, from Sonora, was driving southbound in Sonora when she struck pedestrian Deborah Nevarez, 53.

Nevarez suffered serious injuries following the pedestrian accident.  She was airlifted to a hospital in Modesto.  The Sonora Police Department said that she stepped out in front of the car as it was driving.  Witnesses backed up the story, saying that Davenport did not have time to react.  Authorities were not sure why she would have leaped in front of a car.  She suffered broken bones and lacerations but is expected to survive the accident.

Even when drivers are alert and not distracted, accidents like this one can happen.  You cannot always account for the actions of other motorists and pedestrians, so always remember to drive—and walk—carefully and defensively.

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