What Caused This Fatal California Bicycle Accident?

Road Bike AccidentA California woman recently died in a tragic bicycle accident after colliding with a truck. Law enforcement has started an investigation, but it is still unclear exactly what caused the incident. The police are not yet sure whether the driver showed any negligence in hitting her, or if the collision was simply a tragic mistake.

The woman had been riding that morning with a friend. The area is part of a popular route for cyclists, but this particular stretch still does not have bike lanes. Her friend says that he saw the truck, but that he wasn’t sure how the accident happened, since he was riding in front of her at the time.

A nearby onlooker called the police to alert them about the crash. An emergency team arrived immediately, but they were unable to get her to critical care before she passed.

What Caused this Bicycle Accident?

Police say that it is possible that the truck driver was in violation of a California law that states motorists need to maintain a distance of a least 3 feet from any passing cyclists. The law protects cyclists “proceeding the direction of the highway,” but does not specifically mention riders who may be headed in the opposite direction. It is somewhat unclear whether this driver was breaking the law at the time of the collision. Law enforcement will examine damages to the bicycle to determine the way in which the woman was hit.

An alternative explanation could be that this popular riding area still lacks the necessary bike lanes to protect cyclists from traffic. Some community changes might be able to create a safer area for cyclists and motorist to share the road.

Only time will tell what authorities determine caused this tragic accident, but in the meantime we should all do our part to share the road and make our streets safer for everyone.

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