How Developing New Treatments for Veterans with TBIs Will Help Everyone Else

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can cause a great amount of suffering for accident victims and their families, but modern medicine is making great strides in finding ways to prevent and treat them. One of the unfortunate legacies the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will leave behind is the thousands of veterans who return home with TBIs. TBIs have become so prominent among members of the military that it has inspired universities and researchers to find new ways to treat them.

What New Methods Are Being Used to Treat TBIs?

After Sgt. First Class Andrew Marr returned home from the frontlines of Afghanistan, he found himself suffering from bouts of crying, suffering from insomnia and withdrawing from family and friends. It had turned out Sgt. Marr, a former Green Beret explosives expert, had suffered multiple TBIs. Suffering from constant emotional and behavioral symptoms led Marr to find help.

Marr was eventually connected with the Carrick Brain Center in Dallas, Texas, where he was treated with new methods for rewiring parts of the brain that have been damaged.

The Carrick Brain Center uses a one-of-a-kind machine called the Vertical Axis Rotational Device to simulate balancing and spatial orientation and movement. To put this into a non-technical language – the machine stimulates damaged areas of the brain, rewiring and getting them to work again. Marr has talked to the press about his treatment, saying that the Carrick Center saved his life.

What Programs Does San Diego Have to Help Individuals with TBIs?

Individuals with TBIs living in San Diego have resources and programs that they can access through the Brain Injury Association of California. The University of California San Diego has also received $6 million to study and research new treatments for TBIs.

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Did You Know? Many current brain injury treatments are based on the concept of neuroplasticity, the idea that the brain can reform and change areas that control behavior, emotions and other functions.