Family Pet Mauls Toddler

Three-year-old Adrian Becerra is in serious condition after a pit bull attacked him in Fresno on November 21, according to The dog was the family’s dog, and the victim’s family described the dog attack as brutal.

“He took a big chunk of his skin and most his eye,” said Lupe Becerra, the boy’s sister.

The boy was playing by himself in the family’s home when the dog came in from outside and immediately attacked the toddler. There are no documented previous incidents with the dog, although the family says it did attack their 6-year-old a few months ago.

“I started hitting the dog in the face with my hand because I didn’t have time to grab anything,” says Lupe. “He was already on top of my brother.”

The boy is expected to recover from his injuries. Have you or a loved one been the victim of a dog attack?

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