Injury Victims Benefit from Health Care Reform

The health care reform bill upheld recently by the US Supreme Court has been a hot topic in the news, particularly because it affects so many Americans. This reform stands to help many Americans who suffer personal injury. An additional 32 million Americans will be covered by some form of health insurance by 2014.

Under this new legislation, victims will continue to get care and will not be cut off, even if insurance companies deem care to be too expensive. Some times when a victim stops getting treatment for an injury, defense attorneys will claim they are healed or not really injured when they try to file a claim, when in face the victim could not afford further treatment. The defense will no longer be able to make this bogus argument.

Victims sometimes accept low ball offers from insurance companies because they are desperate for the money to treat their injuries. These vulnerable persons will now have insurance coverage for treatment during their recovery. This gives the average person some leverage when going up against these insurance companies. However, health insurance does not cover expenses for general damages, pain and suffering, etc. If you have suffered an injury, contact us today for a free consultation.

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