Judge Bans Woman From Ever Having Cell Phone In Car Again

A car accident in Glendale, California cost 80-year-old pedestrian Misak Ranjbar his life last year in Southern California.  Ranjbar was tragically killed by a distracted driver.

21-year-old Ani Voskanian was texting while driving before striking Ranjbar.  Experts ran tests on her cell phone that indicated she was sending and receiving text messages at the time, and she also admitted as much to police.  Voskanian failed to stop at a stop sign and ran into the pedestrian.

Voskanian was handed down a rather interesting sentence.  On top of being required to tour area schools educating youths on the dangers of texting while driving, the judge has banned her from ever having a phone in her car ever again.  The victim’s family members agreed with the sentence and even showed support during the process.

“In this particular case, there is a tragic loss of a father of a family,” said Ashraf Mankarios of the Glendale Police Department.  “On the other hand, another family could have lost their daughter. Although she will suffer the consequence as a result of this, in the end, both families came together, hugged and appear to be healing.”

Although it is true that this was a unfortunate accident, it likely could have been prevented.  The loss of a life is quite a high price to pay to learn about the dangers of texting while driving, and hopefully the message is not lost on the young people who will be hearing Voskanian tell her story.

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