LAPD Taking In-Depth Look at Boating Accidents

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Parks Bureau is taking a proactive approach to reduce the number of boating accidents in the area, according to KHTS AM 1220. The LAPD launched an Advanced Accident Investigation Course to take an in-depth look at accidents and exactly what causes them. The new course was developed by the California Department of Boating and Waterways. The course implements physical reconstruction, evidence identification and collision examination.

“There were 11 recreational boating accidents in 2010 and 2011 on Castaic and Pyramid Lakes, which are patrolled by Parks Bureau Boat Deputies,” says Captain Stephen Smith, Commander of Parks Bureau. “If we see how the accidents are happening, this will assist us in educating the public. Furthermore, with the knowledge gained from the course, we will be more effective in addressing the enforcement of boating laws.”

As investigators learn more about the causes of boating accidents, they can educate the public about how to prevent them. As summer approaches, beaches and lakes will begin to fill up with more boats. The US Coast Guard recommends that anyone who operates a watercraft take an annual safety course. Protocols are always changing, and it is good to refresh your knowledge. Taking a safety course greatly reduces your risk of being in a boat accident.

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