Mail Carrier Dies Shortly after Dog Attack

A pit bull attacked and killed a 59-year-old US Postal Service employee in San Diego in March, according to the Los Angeles Times. Diane Jansen was delivering mail on her normal route when the dog attacked. Paramedics rushed her to Palomar Medical Center, where she later suffered a fatal stroke.

According to the San Diego medical examiner, most of the dog bites Jansen suffered were to her legs. The accident remains under investigation, it is not currently clear what incited the dog attack. Animal control euthanized the dog with the owner’s permission; no charges have been filed at this time.

“The pit bull just shot out of the partially closed garage door,” said Police Lieutenant Chris Wynn.

In San Diego alone, there were 45 documented incidents of dogs attacking mail carriers in 2010. Only Houston had more (62).

Postal carriers should be free to work their jobs without the fear of being attacked. In California, dog owners are liable if their pets attack.

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