Man And Son Tragically Killed In Separate Car Accidents On Same Road On Same Day

A San Diego man was still grieving the death of his son in a tragic car accident when he was involved in a separate accident, according to the NY Daily News.  16-year-old Devon Sambhi died on the morning of November 11th while riding as a passenger in a truck with his mother, Natalia Sambhi, when she lost control and the truck overturned.

Later that same day, Devon’s father, Sumil Sambhi was driving down the same exact road—Interstate 8—when he was also involved in a car accident. He veered into oncoming traffic and collided with another car. Paramedics rushed Sumil to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. 911 calls and reports indicate that Sumil was extremely distraught over the death of his son and was driving erratically.

“All of Alpine has heavy hearts tonight—what a horrible tragedy for this family,” read a statement on the Alpine Community Network. “God bless your family.”

This tragic instance should serve as a reminder to all motorists to drive defensively and remain alert.

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