Man Killed, Woman Injured In Motorcycle Accident

A California man died in a motorcycle accident near Sacramento on November 2, according to the Calaveras Enterprise.  The victim, 55-year-old Richard Arnold Crosse, was riding on Highway 26 when Becky Lee Foster, 47, drifted left of center and struck Crosse on his Harley Davidson.

Foster told the California Highway Patrol officers she lost control of her car after she took her eyes off the road to look down at her speedometer.  She then overcorrected and swerved into the motorcycle.  A passenger in the Jeep, Adelle Cross, 83, was severely injured and taken to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.  Foster suffered minor injuries, and Crosse was dead at the scene.

Motorcyclists are much more vulnerable than other motorists.  Drivers must be cautious, never take their attention off the road and always be aware of what vehicles are around them on the road.

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